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Energy engineering

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Energy engineering Rustat Handels GmbH

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In view of the rising costs of oil and gas, the efficient use of energy is indispensible for an economically viable production. In keeping with the present time, we help you optimise the energy costs for your present and future systems. This will increase both your planning reliability and competitive edge.

Our experience in the fields of heating technology, boiler and energy appliance manufacture, exhaust gas purification, fuel technology, combustion engineering, thermal energy engineering, as well as in the application of regenerative power sources drawn from solar, wind and geothermal energy will help you become less dependent on rising energy prices.

Irrespective of whether our customers require a fully equipped new build, the refurbishment or expansion of an existing plant in the fields of power generation, electrical power or thermodynamics, we will design and build your power generating plants with experienced partner companies and German know-how.