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Environmental engineering

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Systems for environmental engineering

Our business partners & suppliers:

Environmental protection is becoming more and more important in the world today. In your company you are faced with ever stricter requirements on the one hand, but on the other, an ecologically mindful production policy is an important image factor for your company.

Technical concepts and procedures in support of environmentally-friendly production as well as major energy savings also help avoid, or at least reduce, emissions and waste and are, therefore, a valuable investment in the future. They enhance the value of your plant and equipment, and make an active contribution to the preservation or restoration of intact ecosystems.

At the start of the planning phase, we prepare cost-benefit analyses for the areas of waste disposal, air and water polution, and renewable energy sources. Jointly with our experienced suppliers and business partners, we implement at your production facilities technical systems for the protection of the environment on the basis of German know-how - from the planning stages to their final installation.